Friday, February 29, 2008


OK, this is getting good now. I didn’t think it would happen but I think it is even better than the first season. I like the fact that the military commander in town is not a bad guy and is starting to see what is going on. I also like the idea that they are pushing that you need to question what the government tells you and not just drink the cool aid.

Ravenwood is evil. . . at least the guys we have met from them so far. I will say it now, I think the "new" Ravenwood guy (yes, he has been on before without the clean shave) that came to town needs to get sniped. I also think someone will take him out before all is said and done.

Jake is turning into a great character and I think that him and the major will end up working together to expose what happened with Hawkens staying in the shadows. I think Hawkins is a good guy but you never know what twists will come.

I am even more sorry that this is a short season. . . . it is getting too good for only 5 more shows this year. .. . . . I can’t wait for next season already.

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