Monday, February 18, 2008

House Update

Well we are at that point in the project that we are doing final clean up!!!! YA!!!!

Nana’s place is about done. All that is left for that part of the project is a bit of paint and the final permit saying she can move in!!! They do have a few small touches outside on the deck and back door to finish but not much. Landscaping will wait till spring when we can plant grass.

Nana is excited about it to say the least and has started calling movers to get some quotes on moving her stuff over. She has already go the pool table set to be moved next month on the 13th!

With all the rain we have been getting the cellar is staying dry. The sump pump is running a lot and it looks like we have a new water feature in the back yard. It is making a nice little pond where it dumps out. Now all I need to add are the fish and the fountain = )

I spent part of this weekend over in my Dads work shop. I have not touch much in there since he passed and now I need to go through it and see what I want to move over to my new shop and what I don’t. He has so many tools in twos, threes and more that I am sure I can pare it down a bit and still have quite the shop when I am done.

We still have the front of the house to do and the back windows to fix. They are about half done on the front door and still getting stuff together to do the back windows . . . (the one I broke)

I will have to get some pictures of it posted on the web page, give me a few days so I can get them done. Trust me the place looks great! Once it is done I am taking a week off to move the stuff, and then we go to step two – un-packrating (new word) my house. We have kept too much stuff saying we would use it some day and I am done, some day is here and if it ain’t getting used then it is gone. That will probably be another week’s vacation gone but I will be psyched when it is done. Then I may have the space to actually put up the new shelving and stuff for the computer area to clean that up. It would do wonders in making the Dining/Living room look good to get rid of the big clunky computer cabinet we have now. . . . So much to do and so little time off. . . this will be the year of the House I think, with my spare time spent cleaning up the house and yard and getting it put back together after years of building on and around it. We are done building, time to get things set right.

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