Monday, January 26, 2009

What are we DOING?

As normal on a Sunday night the wife and I sat around watching Extreme Home Makeover. That was a very depressing show this week.

As I watched them show off this little town in Kansas (Chapman) where they were rebuilding a home for a wounded GI that was lost in a tornado I could not help but wonder why?

We spend BILLIONS of dollars overseas in Africa and elsewhere. . .. How can we justify that when we have folks at home that need the money. This little town of 1400 was left to rebuild on it’s own. Months had gone by and many folks were still living in temporary housing and trying to fix their own homes. The two schools in town had not even started repairs yet and the kids were using temporary classrooms.

Further proof that the government is messed up. Extreme Home Makeover came in to do the one house but when they saw the damage they ended up helping another family rebuild, building a tornado safe house for the town, and helping an old lady with a new garden at her new home so she could stop going back to the empty lot where she us to live to tend the gardens.

I swear I wanted to cry. How we can leave our own to live like this while we get all upset over how they are living in another country disgusts me. I don’t think we should be spending one penny on rebuilding any other country until we are finished fixing things at home.

Look at what we still have to do at home – we have areas still recovering from hurricanes and tornadoes and FEMA or any other aid is long gone. They tell us the very infrastructure of the county is falling apart (roads and bridges). These folks are left to rebuild on there own while we send their tax money overseas. Sorry, but that is wrong. If you are going to spend my money that you take in taxes to help anyone I want it to be another American.

We have lost our way, and Hillary wants to spend MORE on foreign aid? WTF? Obama will probably let her the dumb shmuck. I don’t know what to say or do. I wish I did but I am in MA and my government doesn’t listen to us. Maybe your congressmen listen to you. . . If so drop them a line and tell them to cut foreign aid until we are fixed here at home.

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