Friday, January 23, 2009

Battlestar Galactica

OK, I am eagerly awaiting tonights show. . .

Who the hell is Starbuck and will the rest of the cast find out who the 5th Cylon is?

This show is only getting better. It is too bad that it will be over soon. I know they are setting up to do a prequel but who knows if it will be as good or get a following.

I read an interview with the original Starbuck from the late 70's show. He thought the new one was too dark and not enough hope in it. I don't know. . . I think the show mirrors the real world a lot and it fits with today's problems. I like that they made a complex show that had to deal with many issues much like was done on Babalyon 5 a few years back.

Both shows are very good but reflect the time the were writen in. . .

Anyway here is to another episode and hope that we get a few more answers!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, there is plenty of hope to be found, but it just requires looking in different locations... which makes this incarnation of the show a little more believable than the last (not that the last one was not believable in its own fashion, just this one is moreso).