Tuesday, January 27, 2009

401K takeover?

From the net:

Reports have surfaced in recent days over House Democrat attempts to make significant changes to 401(k) plans in our country. They first want to remove the tax break we currently receive by contributing funds to a 401(k) plan. Then, they wish to enroll everyone into a government run retirement plan where you would be required to put away 5% of your income to earn a 3% return

Ain't that nice, they will take our money, give us less of a return, and decided when and what we get back. I am beginning to think the Dems really want to see if they can push us into a civil war. What the hell are they thinking? Where do they think they get the right to take my money? I am pretty sure that is against the Constitution someplace, I will have to dig a bit.

You folks still happy you put Obama in? If you have a job, you should be scared about what they are going to do to your taxes, your savings, and what will be left for your kids. . . . .

Forget socialism, he wants a full soviet USA or maybe we should say USSA. . ..


Anonymous said...

They've been talking about this since before the election. I stopped my 401k contributions until this settles out.

If it looks like it's actually going to pass, I'm going to roll my 401k over into an IRA before it happens.

I don't know what else to do...other than shoot the bastards.

They seriously believe that all money is their money and we are only permitted to obtain, use, or invest it with their permission and agreement.

And our freaking oblivious citizenry continues to put these people into office over and over and over again.

JD said...

Ya, I hear that. I am beginning to think they want a civil war so they can just take over. . .
I stopped putting into my 401k too. We will see what happens. I just hope they don't grab all the roll over accounts too. . .