Friday, January 30, 2009

Wall Street Bonuses

From the news last night – Wall Street is paying bonuses of $18 billion to the same bankers we just bailed out. . .

And the Dems didn’t see a need to put oversight into the first bail out. . . . Idiots.

Here is my wish – any company that could pay a bonus can pay us back the bail out money NOW. You obviously don’t need it since you are doing so well you are giving bonuses.

Any company that paid a bonus can not get a bail out this year. End of story

If Wall Street is doing so well why did we bail them out? Oh ya, the Dems in Congress were paying off their friends. . .

Where are the jobs that this was supposed to generate? Where is the easier credit this was supposed to generate? Why are we doing another bail out?

Why is such a small percent of the next bail out focused on job creation? Where is the rest going? I don’t think payments to Democrat fund raisers like Accorn is job creation folks. . . . not to mention payments for Family Planning, National Endowment for the Arts, etc etc. . . . .

Wake up America and write your congressman to stop this madness. . . .NO BAIL OUT

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