Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama's first few days

An interesting post on what he has done so far is HERECheck Spelling
This article from a UK paper does a good job in showing how he is learning the hard way to play in DC. So much for his Hope and Change as far as working with Republicans to fix our nation. He seems to be doing his best to say "I won we do it my way". . . how is that working so far?

He also got pissed off at the press when asked a real question. . . . can't see more of them coming eh?

Then he tops it off by starting a war with the biggest conservative talk show host around. . . .

For a guy that was supposed to be smart and ready for the job he is starting to fall apart quick.

This may be good, if it keeps up we may just end up with stagnation in DC and Obama won't be able to do as much damage as he promised to our country before he is tossed out. Anyway he is making it look like 2010 will be another good year for the Republicans . . . .

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