Thursday, February 5, 2009

Voters are Fed up

Pun intended. . .


Looks like we have an interesting storm brewing and how the Fed acts may make a huge difference as to if this ends well for all of us or even any of us . . . .

On one side we have a number of states (and the number is growing) telling the Fed to back off, you have overstepped your Constitutional bounds. Of course the Fed has been overstepping for years but hey, at least the states are starting to push back - er, well, talk about pushing back anyway. . .

Add to this that the folks in DC are getting swamped with calls from Pissed Off Voters (pov's) that don't like the bail out, don't like the corruption Obama has already let into his administration, and don't like where we are going. . . Does anyone know if this is some kind of record or not? What is it, 2 maybe 3 weeks since he got into power and he is already showing that his idea of Hope and Change is a power grab for himself?

This is getting worse and worse ever time I listen to the news, or read the net. . .

And the answer from DC? They tell us to shut up and do what we tell you! They then lie about the economy, job loss (500 MILLION a month? where did that come from?), and try to panic us into giving them what they want. Is this how it all started in 1860-61? Note, current population of the USA - 305,754,459 estimated. I guess we will all be out of work by the end of the month. . ..

Update - Now Obama is giving up on Hope and Change and TELLING Congress to do what he tells them because he won. . . . (More on that HERE) Um, I call Bull Shit - Congress is not supposed to rubber stamp the actions of Obama, Bush, or any other president, they are there to be a check on his power! They are doing that by calling him on all the pork in this bill and the crap his and the Dems are pulling.

Congress - Stay strong and fight them! They have more PORK in this bail out than we can ever pay off and they stand there and tell us to our face there is NO pork in this bill. How stupid do you think we are? (very, I know) Obama is going for the 'Spend our way out' of this answer which we know from running our own home budgets does not work. He is also saying he is giving us change by going away from Reaganomics - ya right- we have not followed Reagan's way of running the economy in years. If we would go back that is change.

Obama is giving us more of the Tax and spend crap that we had with Clinton and Bush. The only change here is that he is more open in bringing corruption into his cabinet. . ..

Oh and for the record we lost 522 THOUSAND jobs last month . . . so Nancy is off by a factor of 1000 for those that are counting. Why are they trying to spin things to panic us? Who gains from that?

Keep questioning everything the government does, because it is not acting in our best interest

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