Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Propaganda Fail. . . .

More on CNN

It seems that a Mr. Hassan started a TV network after the September 11th attacks in order to show Muslims in a good light here in the US.

Over the weekend he was arrested for beheading his wife who had filed for divorce on January 6th. . .

I am guessing this guy was more talk than action when it comes to being a moderate. Sounds like he was more of a radical to me.

This also leads to the ultimate question of how many more radical Muslims are in this country? Why have they not adapted to the way of life here? This seems to be the ultimate failure to assimilate into our culture and our way of life here.

I don’t know many Muslims I admit, but those that I have met and a few I had become friends with do not seem to have any problem fitting in here. There are as American as I am, for the most part shared the same values and I am glad to know them. Incidents like this can set relations back a bit. . . .

My condolences go out to Aasiya Hassan’s children and family and I hope they punish this guy to the full extent of the law. Folks will go after this story because they are Muslim, I think we should make an example of him because he killed his wife, plane and simple. We cannot let someone that would do this to a woman who is trying to divorce him get away with it. EVERYONE needs to be clear that a woman (or man) has the right to say NO, to get a divorce, and not live in fear that the ex or soon to be ex is going to hunt them down.

Way to go Mr. Hassan, you have killed your wife, taken you kids mother from them, and managed to further damage relations between Muslims Americans and the rest of us all in one quick action. . . . People like you we do not need. I believe Muslims get a bad rap as it is due to the Radicals in the Mid East. Guys like this don't help.

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