Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kicked over the Bees Nest

What is it with folks on the left today? See the post below on the nut that wanted to see Obama and had a gun. . . .

I expected a bit of flack but wow, I got the mother load.

Now I am not the best writer but I don’t know how I came across as supporting the nut. I am no English Major or Author like other bloggers. I am an Engineer who also holds degrees in Psychology and Business along with Engineering so I am not stupid.

Folks, I don’t support any attack on our POTUS no matter who he or she is and what party they are from. What I tried to say is that things are a mess and I can understand how that will push folks to do things that most would think are nuts. The only support I will give this man is that I hope he gets the help he needs. Now I have a warped sense of humor as anyone can tell you and that is where my comments looking at the time it took for the first attack on Obama came from. Folks will always strike out at what they see as the cause of the problem. If you have a problem with our government then they tend to go after the POTUS since he/she is in many ways the living symbol of our country. Anyway it is easy for someone to focus on one person (the POTUS) instead of a group like Congress.

For someone to reach the point of trying to get to Obama ( or Bush, or Ford, or Reagan, or . . . ) they have to be nuts. Something has pushed them over the edge. I had one comment saying it was because Obama was black. . . I have not seen anything to support this in the news YET.

What I do expect to see come out is that we are looking at a single guy. No big plot, no cover up. I expect he probably just lost his job, maybe his home or family over things. He is probably in debt up to his eyes and can’t pay it off. He is against the wall and lost everything in this downturn. He broke. He wants to get his life back and he thinks the government can do it for him so he goes to the head of the government – Obama at this point. Did he want to talk or hurt him? I don’t know.

Folks, If I was the nut case right winger that some of you commenter’s think I am then why did I publish your comments? Even the ones that swear at me? Not a good debate tactic, not a way to win your case but I still published them. I love a good argument between intelligent folks. It is a great way to learn how the other side sees things and sometimes you learn a bit. If you want an example then scroll down to the post where I comment on Obama backing Abortion Choice. Those comments got a bit intense but stay civil and respectful for both sides.

Where did we loose this ability to talk to each other with civility and respect? Maybe that is where we need to start to fix this country. I am an independent that support the Constitution that I see our government pissing on. (both parties by the way)

Folks have gone so far right and left that we got Obama for POTUS and have no good choice on the right either. To top it off both sides don’t want to talk or understand what the other side thinks or why. Any attempt at a discussion seems to degrade into name calling rather quickly. Folks on both sides get too into the emotions and too far away from the facts.

Lets look at Guns – the left wants control and the right does not. Folks, get rid of the emotion and look at the facts. The Second Amendment says “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” OK,
Well regulated – in that time period meant well trained, not controlled by the government
Militia – the militia is every able bodied American between 16 (or so) and 40 as defined by the Founding Fathers – remember they don’t like standing a army. The national guard did not exist for another 100 years or so so that is not what they meant
The People – In all the other parts of the bill of rights the People is you and me.
Keep and Bear – we can own and carry arms

OK, now lets look where they have taken away guns. To be fair we will look at countries like us – Say the UK and Australia. In both places as the guns went away crime went UP. It is actually safer in the US than in Briton when you look at crime per 100000 folks.

Lets look inside the US. In most major cities where guns are outlawed we have higher crime and violence. Areas that have more guns have been shown to have less crime per 100,000 folks again.

Gun control does not work. Education, and respect does. An armed society is a polite society because you know you have to back up your words and actions – possibly with your life – You are held responsible for your actions. That tends to get folks to keep a cooler head. Most gun owners I know and especially those that carry a gun with them go out of their way to avoid any kind of conflict. It just is not worth it.

So, I don’t know where I am going with this. You want to disagree with me – GREAT that is the point of debating any issue. If you keep it civil I may even learn a few things from you. If I am good you may learn from me too then we both win. If all you want to do is call me names then do us both a favor and go read someone else’s blog. . .


Ted said...

You get all the fun, JD. I haven't gotten 13 comments on a post, ever.

I'm probably too boring to give people a good bee's nest ...


JD said...

Hey, I'll take what I can get. You have me beat in readers brother so no sympathy from here.

= )

and a bunch of that 13 is my attempt to defend myself to folks that won't listen anyway