Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For my Lefty Friends and Obama

Obama approval Rating can be found HERE

in the three weeks he has been in office his approve has gone from 65% to 60% and dis-approval from 30% to 38% His approval index has gone from +28 to +19.

The shine is wearing off and faster than normal (so I hear). Note no one talks about a honey moon or his 100 days. Is that his fault? Maybe, could be the economy. I think it is Congresses fault most likely for being seen as playing games with PORK in the bail outs and all that crap. If Obama took a stand against the Dems in Congress and got rid of the Pork in the bill he would gain many points all around but he has not done that. . . Neither did Bush. Both of them seem to lack a good understanding of who's money they are spending. . . .

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