Monday, February 2, 2009

Mass Moment

They have decided that we are as dumb as a stump here in Ma. They now want to pass a helmet law for sledding. You will face a fine if your kid under 12 dares to sled without a helmet.

Now we are dumb here (look who we keep voting for) but this is a bit nuts. . . what ever happened to parenting? Every day we seem to be giving up more of our rights as parents to the state. . . .

Folks WTF? Wake up. Don't the cops have more important things to do than check for helmets on the slopes? This is like the seat belt law. You are too dumb to know when you need to use a seat belt so we will make it the law.

This state takes Nannyhood to a new level ever day. You would think they would have better things to do with their time like FIX THE ECONOMY or our insane CRIME RATES IN BOSTON but no, we need to deal with kids sleding. . . .

Is it any wonder this state is a mess?

Just another Mass Moment brought to you by the Dems in charge - what, you want us to actually fix something?

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