Monday, February 2, 2009

Obama Fails First Crisis

Found this via Breda - Article is HERE

It is a great account of how folks are in trouble, FEMA is no where to be seen and the media is also no place to be seen. . . . We can't tell people that Obama is not helping out in Kentucky!

Our fellow Americans are in need. Obama where are the Feds? what is the problem, not enough Democrats there or is it that there are too many white folks as some folks are starting to ask.. . . . .

Please, I really want to know why Katrina got so much bad press for the Feds and no one is talking about this. Now not as many people are involved this time but folks are still dying, it is over a great area, and no one is saying a thing.

Must be nice to still have the media running cover for you because if this happened on Bush's watch they would be screaming by now. . . .

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