Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Assault Weapon Ban Obama said He would not ask for

Over HERE you can see the start of a new AWB.

Folks, this is more smoke and mirrors.

They say it is to stop crime in the streets -
The Fact - the original AWB ran out after 10 years and was shown to have NO effect on crime

They say it will stop arms going to Mexico and the drug lords -
The Fact - the automatic weapons and grenades that are used in Mexico can not be purchased legally in the US NOW by civilians. A new AWB will not change that

They say it will prevent the sale of assault weapons to civilians -
The Fact - civilians can not buy Assault Weapons now - an assault weapon is capable of fully automatic fire and it is illegal to own an automatic weapon in the US NOW without special permits that are NOT easy to get.

They say it bans assault weapons -
The Fact - no, the guns it bans only look like assault weapons cosmetically. They are NOT assault weapons and with some minor cosmetic changes are the same guns use to hunt and for sport shooting and home defense all over the US. These are single shot only weapons, NOT the AUTOMATICS the gun grabbers are talking about and showing you.

Folks, show you are an adult and do your research and you will see. This is a quick way to look tough on crime that will do nothing but further degrade our rights in this country. We need to fight this ban should it ever see the light of day in Congress. They want to remove the Second Amendment because that is the one Amendment that makes sure we the people can protect the rest of them. . .

It is also another example of Obama showing that he lied to us to get into office. More of his promises thrown under the bus. He is a socialist at best, a Marxist at worse and he will and is doing his best to turn us into a Marxist country. . .

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Anonymous said...

Good grief... he cannot be bothered to follow up on 90% of the rest of his promises, but this one, this one in particular, he is already planning on executing.