Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mexico Civil War?

From CNN, a nice mix of facts and CRAP

Pastor and Hakim note that the United States helps fuel the violence, not only by providing a ready market for illegal drugs, but also by supplying the vast majority of weapons used by drug gangs.

Pastor says there are at least 6,600 U.S. gun shops within 100 miles of the Mexican border and more than 90 percent of weapons in Mexico come from the United States.

And it's not just handguns. Drug traffickers used a bazooka in Tuesday's shootout with federal police and army soldiers in Reynosa, Mexico, across the border from McAllen, Texas.

"The drug gangs are better equipped than the army," Hakim said.

Now that is interesting. . . I didn't know you could sell rocket launchers and millitary weapons at a gun shop. . . maybe because YOU CAN'T

Way to ignore the facts CNN. Then they of course blame the US for the problems. . . ignoring the corruption and greed south of the border. . .

Pastor calls the problem in Mexico "even worse than Chicago during the Prohibition era" and said a solution similar to what ended that violence is needed now.

"What worked in the U.S. was not Eliot Ness," he said, referring to the federal agent famous for fighting gangsters in 1920s and '30s. "It was the repeal of Prohibition."

Here is a gem, someone realized that Prohibition did not work? You think they would act on it here? Naaa. Not only does it not work on drugs or drinking, it don't work on guns or anything else the people want folks. Maybe we should wake up to that here in the US. . .

Wake up!

Oh Ya, and get our military to the Mexican boarder to seal it for all our own good!

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