Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Mass Moment - Barnstable County

Read about it HERE

In a nutshell what they want to do is charge you for driving over the bridges to Cape Cod. They may only bill non Cape folks. How? Well they want to use cameras to take license photos, then match them to you and send a bill.

So to get the toll they need to add cameras, people to read the photos and the cost to mail out the bills. And if they pick the number wrong you get a bill even if you didn't go there and have to prove it was not you. . . .

See they claim that the Cape folks get stuck with the bill to care for the roads and bridges when over the summer the population grows to 3x normal with tourists. And the tourists don't pay for the roads they use. . . Um excuse me but the Cape lives on Tourist Dollars folks. . . they pay for rooms, food, things to do. . . you get plenty of money out of them. If you don't like tourists then tell them not to come, don't screw them more. . .

My answer to the Cape folks is simple - if you don't want us to come to the cape and spend our money, we won't come. You folks pass this and I hope the rest of us have the brains to Boycott the Cape!

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