Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dems to crack down on Immigration?

WOW - See here on CNN

I am amazed on how things change once they get in charge and realize they are screwed. They will blame Bush as usual but if you actually look at history and our poor immigration policy you will know both sides are responsible for this mess. Now the party that was for open borders and bragged about it is finally seeing the light and throwing the immigrants under the bus, but unlike the Republicans they are throwing the LEGAL immigrants out too!

A quick read on this CNN piece will show how now that the great plan to fix things didn't work (it won't and they know it) they want to stop immigrants from taking our jobs. . . . . They want a depression so they have the excuse to take more power.

WTF? Weren't these the same folks that use to say that all the immigrants did not matter because they took the jobs no American would take? That they made the US what it is? That we were all immigrants once?

This is great!

This would be a hell of a show watching the Dems throw more supporters under the bus with the the only problem being that they are destroying our country in the process. When they are done with the bail out they won't need to toss the immigrants out, they will be leaving in mass for a better place with money that is worth something - say Mexico. . . .

I feel like I am watching a shell game. They keep the sheep watching for the Bail Out check ( which cup is it under?) and while the sheep play that game they quietly take more and more power, more and more of our rights, more and more control of our lives and the sheep never notice. . . .

BAA Baa Baa

I love the term, it fits all those that have suddenly become proud to be American because they love Obama there god - Born Agan Americans - BAA

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drjim said...

Yeah, the erosion of our rights is the old frog in the pot of water tale. You don't know the water is boiling until it's too late because they raised the temp so sloooowly!