Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goodby 1st Amendment, Hellow Fareness Doctrin

Sounds like the Congress is starting to look at how to make sure we have the right "mix" of radio station owners.

57-41 a bill passed in the Senate to make sure we have the right mix.

How do we do this and why? Either they have to take away stations from the folks that own them now and give them to minorities, or they have to fund new minority owned stations. Either way we are screwed. This is un-Constitutional end of line.

They are going to take either our money or someone elses property so they can re-allocate it they way they want. This is a joke.

We need to wake up and get the government back under control and out of our lives as much as possible. If this passes it is another step to total government control of our lives. . . And the loss of free speech. All I have to ask is why is this radio only? No TV needs to be controlled? Not going after talk radio are you?. . . . ya, right, tell me another one

We will see. . .

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