Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mom with 8 babies needs OUR money

See it HERE on CNN

Well I hope no one is surprised here that we are supporting this woman who is now $50K in debt. She claimed she was not on welfare but the word is now out. . . . she is getting all kinds of aid in Bankrupt CA. . .

And she thinks she will get through school and get a job and all her problems will go away. Now? is she nuts? With the economy in the tank how can you think you will walk out of school and have a job pay you enough to support 14 kids? You can't and she knows it. She will stay on state aid. . . .

I don't know what we can do for welfare cases like this but I don't see why we the tax payer should get stuck with all her bills when she CHOSE to get pregnant and have all these kids.

Can the state put a lean on her pay so when she does get a job we get some money back? How about a lean on any house she may have or get? Maybe the laws can be set so if you have more kids while on welfare you don't get more money. Hell folks it's not like we don't know what causes kids now. . . .

I hear she is in hiding now. I was disgusted when I heard her interview and how she is so self centered. No one has the right to have kids and make someone else pay for them. You have every right to have kids, and you get the bills for them too.

The mentality of this woman is scary because she is not alone. We have a whole generation of folks that think the government owes them. NOT. Government money is not free you twit, it comes out of my pocket, and my families pocket. How about if I want to spend my money on my own kids?

I hope they can find some legal way to punish her and possibly anyone involved in this for the reckless way it was handled. This should never have happened on the tax payers dime. You want 14 kids, get a job that can pay for them.

Nope, she is unemployed, single mom with now 14 kids. Anyone else think we will be seeing these kids on state support for years to come and possibly in our courts at some point? These kids are already starting off behind the 8 ball (no pun intended) and she is not helping them. This woman must have some kind of mental issue or something but she sure as hell is not thinking of her kids best interest.

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