Friday, February 6, 2009

Bail Out

WOW, looking at CNN this morning and the top story is how Obama is upset his Bail Out is not a done deal. . . He also does not want tax cuts or a reduction in it's cost. . .

How out of touch can he be? I guess we will find out.

To those on both sides that are voting against the PORK and trying to actully fix our country, Stand Strong! Don't pass this pile of crap and cripple us!

Obama said "he'd rather do what's right and serve one term than just do what's politically good and be a mediocre president and get to serve two terms,". . .. I am not sure the country can survive one term of this "hope and change"

Stop the PORK and stop the business as usual in DC. We were told there would be change, I guess we just didn't realize that "Change" meant 4 more years of the Clinton staff in the White House

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