Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Republicans Push Back on RINOs

According to CNN HERE it looks like the gloves are off and folks are finally going after the three RINOS that are going to help screw us with the "bail out" or make America Socialist bill.

They are being told by conservative action committee that they will work to get them ousted in the next elections by reminding folks they voted for this mess. GOOD. Conservatives need to take this party back from the liberals in the Republican party and go back to their roots.

What the heck, if they really think it will work then they should not have any problem voting for it and being proud of it at election time. Of course if they know this is just a bunch of PORK that will fail then they know it will hurt them in the next election so they will cry about this. . . . Interesting. Maybe the reason they are pushing so fast is they know this is crap and they know we are finding out about it. The only hope is to pass it before to many of us know what is up.

Obama is looking to do a hell of a lot of damage to us in the next two years. We need to stop anything we can of his and have the conservatives take back Congress in 2010. The only way to stop Obama now is to have the Republicans stand firm. That or we are looking at much messier ways that I don't want to think about (see 1861)

Obama will rush things, and cry panic! Look how many pages there are to this bail out bill to bury thing in. No one has read it all yet they rush to vote on it. Sounds like they are not doing due diligence for us the people in their haste but that is the idea I think. He needs us to run and not look at what he is doing. If folks looked at things they may stop him. Hell, some economists are already saying there should be the start of a turn around the middle of this year WITHOUT the bail out money. . .. Hmmmm. . . . something to think on. But then Obama does not get to pay off his friends and secure his position. The left was afraid of Bush not stepping down at the end of his term. Funny that most folks I know right and left said they would take up arms if needed to remove him but nothing happened, Bush stepped down as he was supposed to - no muss no fuss. I wonder if the left will help us insure Obama steps down peaceably when the time comes or are they trying to put him in forever. . . .

Damn you know things are bad when you start to look back at the Clinton years as fond memories. . ..

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