Friday, February 20, 2009

Nation of Cowards?

Nice to know the Obama adminstaration thinks we are a nation of cowards. That is what his AG said HERE.

Personally I would say we are not all cowards, but then again maybe that is how Obama got into office, folks to scared to vote against the black guy even though he is cluesless and not ready for the POTUS job. . .

Well, look where it got us.

I think the 48% or so that didn't vote for him are not cowards, and they are going to have to pick up the pieces when he is done and put this country back together.

As for Eric Holder our AG, all I can say is from me and my family - FU. We are not cowards, generations of my family have fought and died for this country so scum like you could slime your way into DC and F it up. Thanks for the thought though.

Can't wait till you leave (maybe 4 years, maybe less if we can impeach the ass in charge), don't let the door hit you on the way out. Once your gone the grown ups can get back to fixing you and Obamas mess. . . .


Great post over at American Thinker go read

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