Monday, April 14, 2008

Trunk Monkey hits the big time

From ride fast and shoot straight -

Taser used to rescue a child

A small child locked in a car. Frantic mom calls the cavalry.

A police officer used a Taser to help a toddler unlock his mother's car after she left her keys inside, according to the Port Angeles Police Department.
The responding officer couldn't find a way to get in (without breaking a window, I assume) so he got creative.
"I have four kids and I know that a 2-year-old loose in the car is as good as a trunk monkey if you can just figure out how to motivate him to do what you want," said Wood.
He used the laser on the taser and told the toddler to "get the dot", then guided the kid over to the door lock button. Eventually the little one pushed the button. That's pretty damn clever.

The trunk monkey has hit the big time - google it

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA so right! They are little trunk monkeys!