Monday, April 7, 2008

Obama one more time

And the Obama house of cards continues to fall down. . . First his wife made her nice comments on how she had never before been proud of her country – and the blogs and some media had a field day with that.

Then Obama’s preacher came out and showed us how much of a racist he is and again the blogs and some media had another field day. To finish off this error Obama did not even come out against the guy. . . claims he never heard the speeches even though he has been going to the church for 20 years and still respects the guy. . . what a bunch of bull

Now he let slip that he really is for that gun control that he said he was not for. . . He wants a national ban on concealed carry. . . All I can say is it is legal in 48 states for a reason and after the Supreme Court rules on the Second Amendment (expected to go with the individual right reading of it) and those two states will probably have CCW permits soon.

This guy is a mess, three strikes and your out dude. . . I don’t think he can get elected period at this point. Add in the damage he and Hillary are doing to the Dems and I think they have once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. . .

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