Friday, April 25, 2008

House update

The finishing touches are being done to the house today. The house addition itself is done but they had not fixed the yard.

Well that is over. The diggers are back and they spent the last day or so doing the last bit of landscaping of the yard that got dug up for the addition and new septic system. Now I will have to start to water it but we are DONE!! YA!!

The work shop is about finished, Nana has only a few little things to get cleaned up and it is all over.

Now it is time for me to start working on the yard. We fell way behind in that department last year since the house was being worked on. With all the construction I didn’t do a thing in the yard last year. . . . Payback sucks. . . .

So soon it will be off to clean out the woods and see what fallen trees I can cut up for next winter. And I have to get all the junk moved out of the old shed into the new one. . . may be throwing out a bunch too if I do it right. . . Lots of work but it feels good to be moving on to the yard finally and not be worrying about the house any more. . . I hope we have a decent weekend weather wise to get started.

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