Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My letter to Disney on VMK

Dear Ms. Philips and Ms. Vidal

I am writing to let you know the effect your closing of Disney’s VMK is having on my daughter. She is in tears.

My family and I have been Disney fans since childhood. My wife and I had our honeymoon at Disney and even became DVC members so we could take our kids there every year or two as we can afford it. I had an image of Disney that was caring of it’s guests, and especially the children. The effect your closing of DVMK is having on my child without even thinking about ways to save it has damaged my view to say the least.

My kids pay you monthly for Club Penguin, why can’t you do this with DVMK?

I will be watching closely what is done with DVMK and it’s effect on my kids. What do you need to hear to keep it going? Would I pay for it like Club Penguin? YES!

Perhaps you want to hear the down side instead? If this becomes too much of an issue I will have to discuss options with my kids such as dropping Club Penguin since supporting it would support the folks that closed DVMK. I may also have to look at how I feel about supporting a company that can hurt my child this way. I am sure I can find other places to go on vacation and cut back on our trips to the parks, assuming that the kids want to go after this. I don’t thing you understand the impact this is having on my 10 year old child. You have done a great job crushing her today, she is in tears and writing you to save her game.

If you think you are loosing money on DVMK, think about how much more you will loose with the damage this will do to the Disney image held by the kids that play on DVMK and their families. Think of the lost revenue if we start looking for other places to spend our vacation money.

Please think this through all the way before you close DVMK.

I look forward to seeing what you choose.

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Anonymous said...

Well said.