Tuesday, April 22, 2008

News in the news. . . .

Sounds like someone forgot to tell the GM at channel 7 in Boston to keep her mouth shut about how the media runs things. . . The Boston Globe is reporting that she had a bit of a problem on the plane into Boston and when she was arrested at Boston’s Logan Airport here is what happened:

Randi Goldklank flailed her arms and screamed at State Police when they took her into custody after her Delta flight landed Sunday night, according to the report. She had to be helped off the plane by two crew members, according to the report, and struck a trooper in the chest, breaking the prescription glasses in his pocket.

"I'm a big shot in Boston and I'll have your [expletive] jobs," Goldklank told the troopers, according to the report. "You think you're a [expletive] tough guy, just you watch and see what the [expletive] happens to you when I get out of here."

But it gets better. . . after a bit she calmed down, claimed that she was inappropriately touched by a male passenger and that is what upset her. She then proceeded to do this per the police report: "The defendants demeanor changed and she became quiet," the report says. "After a few minutes she leaned toward Sergeant Luce and stated, 'You think I’m cute and I think you're cute, just drive me home.' "

I am so glad that the media does not think they are better than the rest of us. . . .well, I guess some of them do. . . and they wonder why we don’t believe them any more. . . . One or two bad apples like this one will spoil the image of the whole bunch.

The report in the Globe can be found here.

Again I say it. . . some day they will go back to just reporting the facts instead of making the news themselves. And they sure as hell need to learn they are no better than the rest of us and have to follow all the same rules we do. . . .

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