Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thoughts for today. . .

Interesting discussion on the radio today. . . Triggered by the young folks backing Obama. . . Should all these young folks be able to vote?

It is an interesting question – yes they can vote, but do they have the background to actually make a good informed decision? Think about it. What were you doing in your early 20’s. . . I know many of these college kids and young folks seem to have a distorted view of the world. I don’t even speak about politics with my niece and nephew who are both college age or the younger kids in my Karate class. They are completely liberal yet they have worked very little, and don’t have any idea what it means to pay taxes, support a family, and pay a mortgage but they are ok with the Bush bad, guns bad, need more taxes to pay for X,Y or Z. And these folks are the ones backing Obama. . . I hope they do what they do every election and fail to turn out in any reasonable numbers.

I don’t know how one can do it and not run afoul of the Constitution but it seems to me that we let folks vote who just don’t have the life experience to really choose our President or understand the long term effect the liberal agenda will have on our country and our families if it is allowed to become law.

Folks may hate me for saying it but I think the Founding Fathers had it right in the old days when you had to be a land owner to vote. At least it insured that you were old enough to have land you were responsible for and hopefully understood what that meant. I think if you polled folks you would find folks that owned land, and had families are probably more on the conservative side than the rest of us are since they know how hard they work to support these responsibilities and how much BIG government (ie – Taxes) spending hurts them.

Who knows, but something to thing about next time you see some college kid living off Mom and Dad tells you that we need more government programs and taxes. . . .

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