Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin - The Speach. . .

Folks have already commented with better summary than I can do so I won't try.

What I will say - I loved the speech, I read it this morning. She hit the right points and hammered the Dems. I expect they will go into full panic mode today and try to hammer her as hard as they can. . . they are scared and she has them on the ropes. Now if they can keep pounding Obama.

I want to see her as VP and would be thrilled to voter for her for POTUS after McCain is done with his term. . . . . I am finally excited about the Republican ticket. . . She can take the heat, I doubt Obama can. . .

I also want to say she is someone my daughters can look up to. She is strong, good family values, someone who gets the job done and can take care of herself and her family!

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