Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gas Price

Can someone please explain to me how elimination of the tax breaks and the additional taxing of their profits will cut down the price I pay at the pump? Back when I was in business school we learned how to price our product so that it covered our cost and let us make money. . . if you raise the cost of business for the oil folks, they will pass on that increase to us.

Someone please slap the hippy that came up with this BS answer. THE ONLY WAY TO CUT THE PRICE IS INCREASE THE SUPPLY!!! Why don’t folks get that? If you want the price to drop we need to start drilling in Alaska and in the Gulf so that we have our own oil. We will also need to ok the building of new refineries so that we can turn this oil into gas and other useful stuff. At the same time we need to be working on a way to get away from oil and let the Middle East go back to being a bunch of tribes running around in the sand that no one cares about. . . Unfortunately the idiots we have running for office this year will not do this. . .

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Anonymous said...

I don't want to get too technical here. As we learned from Econ101, increasing the supply is not the only way to reduce the price. You can also reduce demand. The high gas price has already reduced the gasoline consumption. People are driving less. More people are buying fuel efficient cars. (You're not driving your truck anymore :) )This reduction has a depressing effect on the price.