Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Mass Moment

Our speaker of the house Sal DiMasi has a lovely comment today on our income tax. There is a push to put on the ballot this year a repeal of our income tax. By law if this ballot initiative passes it must be implemented by our government. What did Sal say? "I'm against doing it and I find myself hard-pressed to say that I would try to completely implement an elimination of the income tax," DiMasi told a Daily News editorial board yesterday.” In plain English he is saying “I don’t care what you vote for I will do what I want anyway”

Here is another the quote from Metro West Daily

House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi said he does not see the state carrying out a repeal of the income tax - even if voters approve the binding ballot measure in November.

A BINDING ballot and they will not do it!!! That is ILLEGAL!! I hope it passes, I hope they don't do it, and I hope we can get them all busted for their actions! I don't work for them, they work for me!!! Maybe this slap in the face may get enough folks to wake up and vote the dead wood out of office so we can get them out of the way and start to fix this state.

Another quote:
"I can't see myself doing that in the future, but I know people are hurting and I know people want to send a message maybe at some point in time that their taxes are too high."

Sal, I hate to tell you but my taxes are too high NOW, not some time in the future - wake up you idiot. . . .

When are we going to vote out these ass holes that think that we work for them. We have a number of good reps and senators that work for the people the problem is they are way out numbered by these fools that think they are better than us and it is their job to tell us how to live, what we can and can’t do, and ignore our votes. Someone please explain to them that they don’t let us vote to humor us, we vote to tell them what to do. They work for the PEOPLE, not the other way around and when we vote on something they do it. If we can’t get them to see that at the state level how will we ever get things fixed at the Fed level. . .

I hate this commie state. . . .

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