Monday, March 24, 2008


Well I got a bit more done on the workshop this weekend, and all the space I cleared up on the floor was promptly filled by more stuff from Dad’s. I think it is almost all over to my place though so the end is in sight.

I did get the top put on another of my benches and more shelving up so we did make progress there. I will be doing more at night and weekends for while I think. The goal is to have everything on the sides of the basement so the center can be used as a workspace or as a training area for my karate and such. I have moved my exercise equipment down there already so I can use it when it is clear. All that is left on the health stuff side is moving down my Wave Bag – a water filled heavy bag for martial arts work outs. I wish I could do more but I do like spending time with the family too so you gotta do what you gotta do as they say. . . .

Mom is really hot to sell the house. I think her plan is to put it on the market for three months and if it don’t sell then we will rent it for a while and see if the market turns around.

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