Monday, March 24, 2008

Heller Case

I am not sure I get it as to why some folks are all PO’d that the attorney for the gun owners did not push for the Second Amendment to cover machine guns too. . . I don’t think folks get it some times. It is better to win this and go back for more than to push for it all now and alienate the judges and loose it all.

Folks, all these rules got added on bit by bit for what some people thought were good reasons at the time. It may have been proven that they were wrong but it can’t be fixed with one case. We will need to do this step by step so that folks can see it is not the end of the world. There are many reasonable non gun owners out there that support us right now. If you go and push to make it so everyone can own a machine gun I think you will loose many of these people to the other side then we will risk loosing it all.

We must be patient. One step at a time. Personally I don’t see the need for everyone to own a machine gun due to the damage an accident can cause but I also feel the Second Amendment was meant to cover any man portable arms a militia would use. . . so full assault rifles and such would be covered. The thing is to go slow and make sure we win each step and give folks time to get use to it just like they did while taking away our rights. Someday I hope we can get assault rifles and such like the founding fathers wanted, but I think some sort of control to make sure a nut or untrained person does not get there hands on one will be needed. Just like a drivers license – easy to get but you need to prove you have the skill set to not be a danger to others. Hopefully the gun folks will continue to have a better record then drivers do on the safety side of things. That is the eternal problem – how do you make them available as they should be to people without them being abused. Our society needs to move back to personal responsibility before we get to pushing to cover machine guns under the 2A I think. . . . Than and accepting that if a nut does go off with a gun the rest of us have the right to defend ourselves and families and take him out however we can. . . .

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