Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jericho RIP

Well, tonight is the last night and I am sure it will be a cliffhanger as it was supposed to be the season finally, not series. . . Let me say it again, CBS sucks for canceling this show after a season that was screwed up by the writers strike. I will be doing my best to avoid getting into new shows at CBS as they have shown themselves to not really care about the view or quality TV with this move AGAIN. . . .

I hope the SciFI channel is watching. They have been running a lot of the first season of Jericho on there and I’ll say it again I think this would be a great replacement for Battlestar which ends this year after it’s 4 year run (I think 4). Come on Sci Fi channel, show us again how much cable is better than network TV for the intelligent views.

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TroyJMorris said...

The fine folks at the Jericho Wiki aren’t done. They’re going to be brainstorming during the show and probably for weeks afterwards looking for the best network to take the “little show that could” under its wings.

No voice shall go unheard this time!


We just have to find a network able to leverage the movement behind this show and the idea of “new media.”