Friday, March 21, 2008

MIT Student gets another Pass

The nut case from MIT Star Simpson got another delay in her trial for having a hoax device at Logan Airport. Her attorney wants the charges dropped on free speech grounds. . . WTF? You can’t yell “FIRE” in a theater, I doubt a real judge is going to say you can bring a device looking like a bomb to an airport either.

How dumb do you have to be to not realize that the rules on a college campus are not the same as what you deal with at an airport? Seems she has classmates that are up in arms because she wore the device at school the week before and it was ok, so why the big deal? This goes to show one of the big problems in this country right now. . . college students seem to have no connection to the real world, yet think it should work the way they want it to. . . . If you really want to loose sleep at night remember these dreamers vote too. . . at least some of them.

It looks like the DA may want to let her have a pass too. They have delayed the trial a number of times now. I think they keep hoping that we have forgotten about her and then the news media show up and the go “OOPS, can’t hold the trial today” instead of saying “ we let her off with a stern talking to” that they know will get them lots of heat. This idiot needs to do some sort of punishment. Maybe not time behind bars (I think a few weeks in jail may wake her up) but something to show the college folks that they need to grow up and think a bit before doing something – or expect to pay the bill for the screw up. Seems like we are getting more spoiled brats in college – it may hurt but it is time to fix that and help them become less spoiled. . . .


Anonymous said...

Precisely, they need to make an example of her. The crap needs to come to a screeching halt.

JD said...

I hope they do but this is MASS where we let everyone off. I don't want them to ruin her life (not like she killed someone I know), but some sort of punishment that others will take note of is needed. Kids will be Kids does not cut it on this one.