Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Casinos in MA

It looks like the recommendation to the house will be to reject the Governors plan to build Casinos in MA. . . . so it is all but a dead issue for this year. This is good and bad.

It is good because he was lying about what it would bring to the state. Other folks checked his numbers and showed that he did not have the income or the job generation numbers right, and he was off by 2 to 3 times what would really be generated. End result is he was selling smoke and mirrors just like he did to get elected.

The down side is that this nut has already spent the money in his budget that the casino was supposed to bring in (not that they would have but our good Governor never lets facts get in the way). This means that they are going to screw us with more taxes so they don’t have to cut their hacks off the payroll. You can expect him to up the cigarette tax, maybe pike tolls and whatever else he can think of. I wonder if he will have the guts to go for an income tax hike when the voters already voted to cut the income tax and it was never done by the legislature. . . . Stay tuned folks. . . .

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