Monday, March 24, 2008


They did it again – Killed off Jericho.

All I can say is CBS you suck! You folks had the writers strike mess up this whole season and now you say no one is watching so you will cut it? It is one of the few good shows left on TV.

All I can say is network TV is killing itself and thank God for cable TV, it is the only place you can find a good show these days. The few good shows left on network TV are all a few years old, nothing new. . . . I guess it is time to find a new hobbie as TV is dying a slow and painful death.

Sci Fi has been playing it a lot though so who knows maybe they can pick it up? That would be a great replacement for Battlestar Galactica which is ending this year.

The least they could do for the loyal fans is a movie to wrap up the loose ends over the summer. . . .

I need to learn to stop watching network TV, they keep doing this to me on the good shows. I guess I am too smart for TV. . . . .

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