Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jericho' s last show?

Just watched the tape of Jericho's last show. Man that was good, they have to pick this up on cable and run with it. I think it was great the way they showed the Chyan governments attack on the Second Amendment at the Constitutional convention said it all. As the mayor said getting off the elevator, disarm the populous and governing is easy or some such statement.

I also like the way the troops took the news from the Major. I think the troops would fight in a minute once the truth got out. I also think that if you spread the file around, you would find more troops joining the resistance than fighting it. Maybe I have too much faith in our troops but I think 99.99% of them would do the right thing if they had all the facts. . . .

This was a great episode. I think the liberals would hate the message the show sent out and maybe that is why I love this show so much. I hope Sci Fi channel is watching. You guys have been pushing the first year of the show, this is a great replacement for Battlestar and I will keep saying that over and over. PLEASE pick it up, this story needs to go on. . . . .

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Anonymous said...

Carol Barbee has confirmed that CBS Paramount is trying to sell Jericho to a different network. (CBS Televison Network showed/canceled Jericho, but CBS Paramount is the company that produces Jericho.)

There are already some interested networks - Sci Fi, DirectTV, and The CW.

There is a list of things the fans are being asked to do: