Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today is the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. . . . I only have a few comments on it:

1 – I fully support our troops and anything they have to do to make sure they are the ones that go home at the end of the day and the bad guys don’t.

2 – I fully believe that we were justified in going in to look for WMD after all the games Saddam was playing with us and the corrupt UN.

3 – I think we should have pulled everyone out once we were sure the WMD was either gone or never existed or got moved to another country.

4 – at this point I don’t think we can come home until we can get a working government there since it is now such a mess and Iran would take over if we left.

5 – I think the life of one US Serviceman (or woman) is worth more than all the folks in Iraq. Let them do whatever they need to insure they are safe.

Why we are spending money and lives to support Iraq is beyond me at this point. We went in with a need to protect ourselves from WMD. Once we proved they no longer had them we should have gone home and left them to deal with it. We should not be in the business of nation building and if Saddam kept running things so what. We only have the right to protect ourselves, and once we were sure they were not a threat to us we should have come home.

Now we are at the point were it is time to tell the politicians to get out of the way and let the military do what they need to over there. It would be messy but they would get the job done and then we could bring them home. Better yet, the UN seems to think they are so great at all this, turn it all over to them and come home. We can then use the money we would have spent on the war to develop new energy sources for our homes and cars that don’t need oil so we can flip off the Middle East and walk away. . . . Our founding fathers NEVER wanted us to be nation builders. . . . we need to get back to the vision the Founding Fathers of this country had for it. It would be much better all around.

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