Thursday, January 3, 2013

Senator Dianne Feinstein what will you tell the victims?

You own guns, you have armed guards and a carry permit. . . .

Why do you deserve this and the average citizen does not?

Are you better than us?

You also have all the data and facts that gun control and gun free zones don't work but you ignore them. . . why?

Why do you want the people of our country helpless in the face of criminals, their evil and the government?

What will you tell the women who is raped because you took away her ability to own a gun and defend herself?

What will you tell the mother who is beaten or killed by the stalker ex that abused her and she could not defend herself because you took the gun away from her. . . what will you tell her kids?

What will you tell the parent who is the only survivor of a home invasion that has taken the lives of his/her wife and kids because the criminal had weapons you denied him/her?

What will you tell the Gay Rights Activist that gets beaten or killed because they could not defend themselves or their loved ones?  Their family?

What will you tell all the minorities in the country when you turn us over to mob rule and might is right?  Guns make people safer, guns take away the advantage of the stronger, the gang or more vicious criminal over the smaller person or person who can't run because they are disabled or have other they are responsible for - such as KIDS. . .

Why do you want to turn our country over to the criminals and madmen who mean us harm?

Why do you fear the good law abiding citizens of our country?

Please tell me because I just don't get it. . . . .

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