Sunday, January 6, 2013

Growth of Gun Rights and Civil Rights

There is a great graphic HERE showing how gun rights have spread across this country since 1986

In a nutshell there were 16 states that would not even issue a carry permit in 86, now there is one and it is on court order to fix that.

There was one state in 86 that used no permits at all to own or buy guns now there are four. . .

In 1986 only 8 states were shall issue. . . you asked you got a permit if you had a clean record. . . in 2011 only 7 states are NOT shall issue. . . .

Over the last 20 years the FBI has recorded a 50% drop in violent crime in the USA. . .  wonder why?

This is why the gun grabbers are dancing in the blood of little kids. . . they are thrilled and will use this to try to reverse the growth of civil rights across our country.  Don't let them.

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