Friday, January 4, 2013

Open Letter to the Mass Legislature

Dear Legislator;

I am writing you as a law abiding gun owner in Massachusetts.  We already have to go through background checks and sign off that we have not been hospitalized for any mental illness before we pay $100 for our six year permit.  We have background checks run when we purchase a gun and all guns must be stored in locked containers or in such a way as to prevent unauthorized use.  We have two different lists for handguns that are confusing and prevent us from buying many new models of handgun even though they are sold to the rest of the country.  We have an Assault Weapon band and are prevented from buying new standard capacity magazines we can only buy low capacity 10 rd or less.

Before you pass any more laws I ask that you truthfully ask yourself if another law will make any difference in our safety.  I also ask that you be ready to explain how it does to me and other gun owners.

The ideas I am hearing from Beacon Hill are great sound bites but they will do nothing but put more burden on the law abiding and do nothing to stop the criminal.

Let’s face the facts here.    Mass shootings are very rare or they would not make the news like they do.  The shooters are already breaking multiple gun laws and committing assault and murder.  Will one more law stop that?  Most criminals do not get their guns legally, nor do they have permits so they are not subject to the background checks and exams that I am as a legal gun owner.  The criminals will not have or apply for the gun insurance I am hearing talked about and they won’t limit how many guns they get illegally per month.

Please stop punishing law abiding citizens for the criminals and their acts.  Adding the requirement for insurance will only price self defense out of reach of many law abiding citizen that may need a gun for self defense from criminals, stalker or a violent Ex.  A right that cannot be exercised due to cost is a right denied.  How would this be any different?

Please look at the facts first.  Over the past twenty years violent crime has dropped 50% while gun laws have become more lax and gun ownership has grown all over this country.  All but one state now allows concealed carry of a gun and many require no permits yet the FBI data shows crime is down.  The AR-15 rifle may look like the military gun but it is looks only.  It is a semi-automatic gun less powerful than most hunting rifles.  It is also one of the most popular guns around since it is easy to use easy to shoot and easy to care for.  My daughter lover it for the lack of kick and enjoys it at the range.  How can you outlaw one of the most common guns in America?  The Heller case says you can’t if I read it right. . . .

Please stand up for the law abiding people of this state and say no to new gun laws.  I can go on and on with facts and figures showing that they don’t prevent crime, gun free zones don’t work and all that but I won’t.  If you want that data please let me know and I will pass it on to you.  

All I can do is ask you to follow your oath to protect our rights and our Constitution by not voting for any new gun control.  Gun laws only affect the law abiding and we are not the problem to begin with.


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