Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gun Licenses up in MA

Patriot Ledger is reporting that gun licenses are up in MA . . . a 27% increase since 2008. . . .

Now if these folks would be active we may actually keep our rights in this state.

They report the class A or concealed carry permit is the one on the way up.  More and more folks in this blue state are realizing they need to exercise their rights or lose them. . .

This increase has been state wide and for mace and FID cards also.  But more and more folks want their carry permit.

This is good.  Now we need them to let their reps know that they expect their rights to be protected and that they will not tolerate any new gun laws in this already insainly restrictive state.

 We have the toughest gun laws in the nation and their answer to the failure of gun control is always do it again only harder. . .

Gun control is a failure, and we need to make sure every politician knows we know that.  We don't want more gun control we want them to FIX THE PROBLEM - they need to attack gangs, drugs, and inner city poverty if they really want to do something to fix the violent crime issue.

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