Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - the Year of the Trials

While sitting here watching Season of the Witch things make much more sense.  This movie is about two Crusaders who realize the killing of women and children in the crusade is wrong and leave only to be captured and forced to help take a witch to trial for causing the black death.

This makes me think of the insanity we are dealing with today.  We have a culture that has many problems yet wants an easy answer instead of facing reality.  We have politicians who want the easy answer and ignore the facts presented to them.  Yes we have a violence problem in this country, but it is still less than in many European countries with their gun control.  The UK is constantly held up to us as a success  but it is not.  Look at the facts.  We have 400+ violent crimes per 100,000 people, the UK has 600+ and that is down from over 2K+ violent crimes per 100K

 But like the folks of old who knew no better and blamed the witch for the black death, we blame the gun.  Of course folks are killed every day by knives, bats, clubs, fists. . ..  Mass murder has been done with bombs, gasoline, and guns but only the gun is viewed as bad. . ..


I have to wonder if our leaders have gone insane or just cannot face the facts.  Sen Dianne Feinstein is 79 years old.  And she who should know better, who has her own armed security and gun permit is the one calling the loudest to disarm the law abiding citizens while completely ignoring the facts and data that show this won’t work.  Has she lost it?  I wonder if she is becoming senile.  Why else would you have such hate for your fellow man that you would disarm them in the face of such facts?  They want to ban assault weapons when they account for about 1% or less of crime. 

Gun control is not about guns, it is not about safety.  We have the proof that it neither makes you safer or take the guns out of the hands of criminals.  All that is left is that it is about control.

What do they want to do so badly that they need to disarm America to do it?   Why are they working so hard to drive a wedge between our people to splinter this country?  Who gains from this action?

As a Dad with kids I am responsible for I must admit I am scared.  I see many dark clouds on the horizon for our country.  We have a fiscal mess, welfare and government dependency grows.  Morals are in decline and we teach people that all is well if they feel good.  That their right to feel good overrides others rights.   We are falling apart as we put ourselves before others and our country.  Our leaders forget their oaths and some call to be rid of our Constitution.  They seek only power and more power over us. 

Where will this take us?  When will this end? . . . . . this year will be a trial.  Our country is heading into another recession thanks to our leaders on both sides.  They forget the will of the people they are supposed to be serving. 

Folks it is time to call, time to write, time to contact your reps for the alternative is not thinkable.  Remind them who they work for and demand they fix things.  The fiscal cliff was only the start.  We need to stop fighting among ourselves and start fixing this country.  We need to cut spending and rebuild our economy.  We need to tell them we don’t want gun control.  We demand our rights be respected.  We want a strong country with a strong economy.   We need to take pride in our country again and what we can do.  We need to tell DC that we want our rights back and smaller government with less spending.  We can not spend our way out of this with other peoples money.

We can do it.  IF we don’t then this country is done.  All that is left is another civil war and we will all lose if it comes to that.  As others have already discussed we will probably not come out of a civil war with a free country.  Most likely we would have fragments of the US run by dictators and darkness. 

2013 will be a great test for the USA. . . .

Our founders set up a system that works, we can make it work again that is our only chance, for us and our kids.  Make it work, make them respect the Constitution and hold them accountable in DC for what they do.  Vote out the ones that won’t follow our Constitution, impeach if needed but work in the system.  It may not be perfect but it is the best that we have come up with yet.

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