Saturday, January 19, 2013

Boston Pro Gun Right Rally report and photos

OK folks I spent the better part of the day in Boston with a thousand or more of my closest friends at the State House to protest the insane new gun laws they want like Mags that only hold 7 rounds, Mandatory insurance, Guns can't be stored at home. . . .

HERE is the link to GOAL and their info on the rally

I did not see any counter protest or hear any.  One woman was there before we started and was arguing as a teacher that they don't need guns in schools and did not want armed teachers.  She did not seem to want guard either and liked to think they were not needed.  She also was stuck on the Constitution was all about muskets . . .  oh well. . . .

Lots of passing cars and trucks were honking and waving and showing support.  Many who walked by stopped to talk and seemed to be neutral if not supporters of us and gun rights.  I talked to one or two and they did not know what the new laws were and seemed to agree they were a bit nuts when I explained the insurance and such to price our rights out of reach. . .  I think we can win many folks over to our side if we can just get the word out as to what they want to push through on us. . . .

Anyway here are some photos from today. . . phone is not the best for this but here they are. . . .

Here is the statehouse. . . our crowd filled the front of it,  down both sides of the street, and they had one side of the street blocked for overflow that we needed. . . so the road was one way only for the event.  The Boston PD did a great job keeping everyone safe and cars moving! Thanks to the BPD!

This was across the street from the State House looking at the common before things got started

Here is the crowd as things get going before the speakers started

This is while the speakers were starting. . . we did not have a sound system at first since they would not give the permit for one but eventually got a megaphone to work with

More of the crowd.  I was on the edge so I could hold my sign for passing folks and cars. . . down by Fox News 

More Crowd

This is the crowd from across the street.  We filled the sidewalk and two lanes of road all the way down the  front of the State House. . . a good turn out which is probably why we got little TV time on the news.

More from across the street.  You can see the yellow line in the road.

Looking toward the Common and the crowd on the the other side of the street

One of the signs there. . . lots of good signs 

And a few more photos of the mass of protesters. . . 

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