Thursday, January 31, 2013

MSNBC Stay classy!

Hey MSNBC, way to go.  Love to see that you are now covering every shooting in the country.  Even better to see that you are now concerned with the 40 people killed in gun free Chicago so far this year.  Nice to see you still blame guns bought in other states and outside the city for the problem. . .

I agree on that one. . . you see the Fed is even admitting that Mexican drug gangs are active in every city in the country and a major source of violent crime as they fight turf wars.  They are running military grade guns into our cities to do this. . . not guns bought in the USA by legal means, but the kind of guns we gave the Mexican Government that troops are stealing and selling to the drug lords. . . then you also have the guns that  Obama ran to them with Fast and Furious. . . oh, but you still won't investigate that will you. . . .

Gun control has failed and we all know it.  Gun control is unconstitutional and we all know that too. .  . nice to see you are doing your job and running cover for Obama instead of pushing for a real fix.

If you were doing your job we would be seeing you pushing for the end to gun control, the end to gun free zones, calling for action against the drug war and gangs and closing our borders. . . but no, you don't really want to fix things, you want to play politics.

Thanks a lot.  Thank GOD for the Internet or we would never know the real facts.

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