Thursday, January 3, 2013

News Paper list legal gun owners addresses

I find it funny that the news paper in NY that has shown little thought about releasing the names of all the legal law abiding gun permit owners in the area now fears they may have pissed off someone and has hired armed guards.

I guess they can have armed guards but we should not be allowed to protect ourselves?  Women, heck all of us should just give in if attacked and hope they are OK with beating or raping us but won't kill us?  That is wrong folks.

Think about this for a moment.  How many of those permit holders may have gotten the permit and gun to protect themselves from a stalker or abusive Ex?  Are they supposed to hire a guard 24/7?

What if they had to move to hide from the stalker or abusive Ex and now the paper just gave away the new address?  Is the paper now legally liable for telling the bad guy where they live?  Put yourself in their shoes for a moment.  You thought you got away from the ex that beat you and the kids and now he know where you live. . . 

Just because it is legal to publish does not mean it is right to do.  I hope if any one comes to harm over this they sue the paper and win big.

And to help drive their agenda CNN is all over this story trying to make the LEGAL LICENSED GUN OWNERS look bad for exercising their rights.  Talk about mixed up.  

The Police carry these guns for a reason.  They deal with this every day and know what tool works best.  Shouldn't law abiding citizens have the same tools?  Then think about this. . . when the cops go into danger they most often know they are going into harms way and they can and do call for back up.  The average person on the street does not go looking for trouble, does not knowingly go into danger, and does not have back up. . .  the attacker is not going to give you the time to call the cops first. . . . So don't we need at a minimum the same tools the cops have to keep us and our families safe?

Then add to this that CNN is pushing a reunion meeting that the theater was trying to do for the shooting victims of the theater mass shooting a while back.  You know the one that the guy went out of his way to because it was the only gun free zone around and he drove past a number of other theaters to get to because of that?  All the families had to say was the idea of a free ticket was disgusting to them and they would not help the theater drive up sales. . . good for them!

This is getting disgusting.  The news folks are driving a political agenda not based on facts.  Facts show that gun control does not work.  Didn't work in the UK, didn't work Down Under, and does not work here.  Time to move on and deal with the real issues facing our county like the economy and out of control spending not to mention all the people out of work. . .  

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Anonymous said...

The 2nd Amendment Dates back to the Old testament Bible in the last chapter the book of Gennesis
when Jacob gathers his sons around him before he dies and tells them to teach there children all weapons of war to deffend themselves.The news paper whom showed shortsighted ness listed and endagered law abiding citizens and gave a tool to crooks whom to go and steal from. They should be sued. Stupid people.