Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meeting with my state Rep in Mass.

Had a sit down with my state Rep to go over the new laws they want to put through in MA. . . Went VERY well.

I have to say she supports gun owners and understands what is going on.  I had a good half hour or more to talk with her and do a bit of education on what a real assault rifle is, gun free zone issues, and some of the crazy ideas that we are hearing from Beacon Hill. . .

We discussed the issue of seven round mags, Civilian vs Cops and guns, the crazy approved lists for guns, the permits system and how we do background checks now.  I also had a chance to go over the permits and how we are finger printed, checked for mental health issues and such right on the application I have to fill out every six years.

I went over the cosmetics that they use to define an assault weapon these days and how they are not automatic weapons and how a civilian can not get a new automatic weapons since the law they passed in 1986. . . and the costs for an old one including special permit in MA and the extra tax paid.

They took lots of notes and did seem to learn a bit about our laws as seen from the gun owners side of things.  Since she is a supporter but not a gun owner I don't think she understood the magazine issue and how that would make so many modern and not modern gun illegal. . . .

I also heard from GOAL tonight that according to two separate articles from the State House News Service the House voted to send the Governor's gun bill to the Judiciary Committee, but the Senate voted to send it to the Public Safety Committee.  This is great news as things will stay in limbo until they sort this out. . . maybe all those emails and calls are working.

Overall a good start I think.  We need to keep the pressure up but it is working folks!

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