Sunday, January 13, 2013

Executive Order?

Good article on what Obama can do with Executive Orders HERE

Go read it.

I think most of what he can do is minor, and a lot of it is actually what gun owners have been saying since day one here - ENFORCE EXISTING LAW and look at how we deal with mental health issues.

He may ban a few imports but to me that may be a plus as it will not change or limit what is made in the USA and I would love to see American workers pick up the slack.

We will see, keep you eye on the ball folks

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Wally said...

We have seen executive orders before...
The ban on import of chinese arms and ammunition comes to mind.

It didn't really affect domestic other than elimination of the competition.

Same deal goes on the import ban on barrels for semi-autos. Doesn't do much other than hit the wallet of the American consumer.

As an american manufacturer, I don'
t see an import ban as beneficial to the average person. Folks buying a case of wolf ammo aren't exactly going to buy a case of Hornady to substitute. Personally I'd rather see more options in the marketplace - there sure is enough demand out there.