Friday, October 24, 2008

Sign Theft

For a bunch of folks that feel Lord Obama has this sealed up, what is with all the sign theft?

What is wrong with the left that they can't even let the other side have a yard sign without stealing it, destroying it or even burning it in some places?

Do you realized how F'd up Obama really is so this is the only way you think you can win?

Do you fear the truth about Obama getting out to the average American that much?

Hey, anything to suppress the vote right guys? just like how you are getting the ballots of the active military folks tossed in a number of states too right - we all know who they will vote for so we don't want them counted do we. . . .

I don't see or hear about the right stooping to this, I am sure THAT would make the news as a racist attack . . . . .

Hey, who greased the slope?

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